Beautiful small garden design of Vertically Challenged
Vicki Payne owner and operator of Vertically challenged
Beautiful small garden design of Vertically Challenged

Our Story So Far

Kia ora, I’m Vicki Payne, the owner operator of Vertically Challenged Vertical Gardens.

I’ve run a successful landscape gardening business on the Kāpiti Coast for over twenty years.

In that time, I’ve seen garden trends come and go but one, I’ve noticed, is here to stay. More and more people are opting for smaller sections or living in townhouses and apartments. Many are time-poor, busy working people. Others are older members of the community who find large traditional in-ground gardens increasingly unmanageable.

I saw that clients were looking to enhance small spaces, provide privacy and turn ugly walls and fences into beautiful, lush gardens.

I designed the Vertically Challenged system of bespoke metal screens that can be utilised in many ways.

Vertically Challenged screens are robust, stylish and custom made to fit your space.

They are designed to be mounted on walls and fences or free-standing.

You can hang pots of colourful flowers or grow nutritious vegetables on these versatile screens and Vertically Challenged supplied pots come in two sizes and are made of 100% recycled plastic.

You can use the screens to train vines up them or to espalier trees across them. An irrigation system can be attached making vertical gardening even more ‘easy care’.

Unlike traditional wooden trellis Vertically Challenged screens won’t break or warp and come in a range of profiles to suit your décor.

I install the screens and irrigation myself and can offer planting advice.

Vertically Challenged robust, stylish, and custom made screen
Vertically Challenged robust, stylish, and custom made screen

Vertically Challenged screens are a bespoke solution to your garden needs.

They are ideal for subdivisions, courtyards and rest homes where space is at a premium and residents are either time-poor or physically unable to care for in-ground gardens.

I am happy to visit you in person to evaluate your space, discuss your vision for a beautiful environment and, if you choose to go ahead, design a customised solution to suit.